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Integration with XML for e-stores


Eroplace Drop shipping


What for?

You surely know how much money is needed to stock and to constantly replenish stock in your warehouse.

If you want to sell big you need a wide range of products, and a vast warehouse space to maintain products availability.

And what if you have full stock but no clients? Only the biggest erotic stores can survive that. We have a solution for you- integrate our whole offer or a part of it with your e-store and we will provide stock status updates, shipping to your clients (drop shipping), markup management, good shipping price and other benefits- everything free of charge with no hidden fees or payments.

How to integrate?

Through our XML file with full and up to date offer


File is available in your account after logging in. Download it by clicking in the XML icon (in the bottom). This can be done if your store have the option to import the XML files (for example in CENEO format). If not, we suggest solution No 6. stores owners

EroPlace is integrated with a based platform. Just write to us that you are going to use our products in your store. You can test the RedCart software for free for 14 days.



For IAI shop owners


If your store is based on software this is a solution for you. Use the  IAI Downloaderand integrate our offer with your store. The XML file for IAI Downloader is available after logging into your client account on our website.


For shop owners


EroPlace is also integrated with the software. Just write us an email with the information that you will be using our products in your store. Information about ready integrations: HERE.


For shop owners


EroPlace is also integrated with the software. Just write us an email with the information that you will be using our products in your store. Information about ready integrations:HERE.


External software MyAdmin from


Using the external MyAdmin software allows you to manage your products either directly or automatically. You can set the price policy, and set many different price groups (increasing the price by value or by percentage) depending on the category or producers and set your markup.


It is also possible to assign the categories from EroPlace to categories in your e-store, and the update can be performed either manually or automatically. You decide which elements you want to update. Fast update is recommended for prices and warehouse stock. In full update you can download new products. Integration system will inform you about the update process and errors if any are occurring.


It operates the following shop software: , Prestashop, Gekosale, OsCommerce, Shoper, iStore, Click Shop


Through the externalAction2osCommerce software

It allows for full control over the products  integration process including choice of categories, products to be exported, setup of individual markup, adjusting photos, update of stock status, sizes and pieces available, etc. Currently we can integrate e-shops with following software: eStore, Click Shop, GOshop,, KQS.Store, Magento,, OpenCart, osCommerce, oscGold, oscPremium, PrestaShop,, Shoper 5, SOTESHOP 5.0, SunWeb, sstore, VirtueMart,


To integrate go to www.e-mo.plwebsite, choose OFERTA and then Action2osCommerce. Here you will find all information concerning integration. For such integration you will be charged (one time fee for software). OF course it is not us who charge you but the which is the owner of the software.


You do not know how to begin the drop shipping cooperation with us?


1.       First step is to register on our website. It will take you only 30 seconds.


2.       Send your e-store data (including www address ) to hurtownia@EroPlace.plto Get permission to use our photo and descriptions.


3.       Activation of account takes a few hours, but no longer than 24h. Please contact us if you are interested in drop shipping- then we will activate your account in drop shipping mode for you to place orders with no minimum order value and from 1 PLN.


4.       Now you can start to create an offer in your –store with XML or CSV files (details below).


5.       That is all when it comes to technical side of our cooperation.


6.       Last step is to print out and sign the drop shipping agreement (it concerns legal use of our photos and descriptions in your e-store so that you can use our marketing materials). Download, print, fill in, sign and send it back to us (scan is sufficient). To download the agreement choose between PDF and DOC format.


Download drop shipping agreement PDF

Download drop shipping agreement DOC

If you have a registered base in GIODO you can also send us the agreement on processing of personal data available here:


Are you wondering how does invoicing and payment lok like in EroPlace?
We have one crucial rule- we ship order immediately, and send invoice to your e-mail address (invoices also visible on your account ) payable within 3 days (applies to clients from Poland).


Let me make it clear once again because it is a very important thing when it comes to cooperation- in drop shipping system we issue invoice payable within 3 days. We do not require prepayment to complete your client’s order. Each due invoice has to be paid before the completion of next order.


Invoices are always send by e-mail in PDF files for you to print out. You can also do that after logging into your account (orders-> order No XXXX-> show invoice).


We need you to deliver receipt or any other proof of purchase to your client. It can be an electronic invoice to reduce costs. Such a document has to be issued by you (SHOP) not us.


For example: client has purchased in your e-store an order for 150 PLN +15 PLN (shipping fee). You issue a receipt/invoice for 165 PLN for client and send it to then in PDF file, scan or other. At the same time you place an order in EroPlace for the same product but in wholesale price for example 65 PLN + (shipping of choice) 15 PLN. We issue an invoice for 80 PLN payable within 3 days for you.

We send order specification to your client and wait for your payment of 80 PLN up to 3 days.


We do not add any additional leaflets, invoices or stickers to the order delivered to your client. What is more all packages are discreet (no one will know what is inside). We can add your marketing materials to the package at your request.

Would you like to see how our package looks like? Read article on our blog. If you are our client you can also use information from the blog and use it on your website.




COD packages (applies to final clients in Poland) are sent on your behalf (we provide your address as sender address on the package if I is sent by Poczta Polska). We also give your account number so the payment should go straight to your bank account.



Do you know how to place an order in drop shipping ?

1.       Add products that have been ordered by your client to the cart on our website and then go to the order processing.


2.       Pick drop shipping before choosing form of shipping (or add a note to the order).


3.       Choose the type of shipment. If the client is paying by bank transfer choose the same form of payment in our panel. If your client has chosen COD we can deliver such package using Poczta Polska (applies to final clients in Poland). Choose the same type of shipment on our website.


4.       It is very important to fill in the blank space with client’s delivery address and COD value if applicable and your account number to which the money should be transferred (remember that the COD price is a price that he client pays to you).


5.       Inform us whether we have to complete the order immediately or wait for your decision (good option when client is no paying on time or needs their products some time later)


6.       Last step is to choose the type of payment between us-, bank transfer, PayPal.


7.       Done! Order has been placed correctly, it is awaiting for e-mail confirmation.


8.       You will be informed about all stages of your order by e-mail (accepting the order, realization, shipping, payment).

If you have any doubts- call us ,we will provide you with all the answers and help you need.

Mobile: 669 230 967

Landline +48 (0-32) 445 36 41


Can I use the drop shipping method?

Yes, we offer drop shipping

Drop shipping is a cooperation based on ordering the products for the final client of your shop. Client orders products in your shop and then you order the same products in and indicate the type of shipment (prepayment, COD< address of delivery).

Please read the conditions of cooperation listed below




Distributor- Erotic Warehouse

Shop- e-store (integrated with the Distributor)

Client- natural person or a company purchasing in e-store (final client of the products purchased)



Shops can purchase products for the prices provided by the In case of cooperation there is no minimal value of order (min 1 product). Of course in your own shop you have your own markup (in accordance with your own price policy) on each product, to gain profits.


Placing an order is a standard procedure meaning that you put products into the cart and then place the order. In the “Notes” space give us your client’s address. Choose the type of shipment (prepayment, COD).


Shipment and payment for order


Drop shipping- bank transfer (Poland)- 9,6 PLN net Poczta Polska- order is sent within 1-3 days from the date of placing the order or the next consecutive workweek day. We issue an invoice payable within 3 days nd send it to you in an e-mail.

Drop shipping- COD package (Poland) – 17,07 PLN net Poczta Polska- we send the order on the same day of placing the order or on the next consecutive workweek day. The order is sent through Poczta Polska with the COD, account number and delivery address indicated. We issue an invoice payable within 3 days and send it to you in an e-mail.





Drop shipping- bank transfer (Poland) – 12,19 PLN net (no weight limit) DPD courier0 order is sent within 1-3 days from the date of placing the order or on the next consecutive workweek day. We issue an invoice payable within 3 days and send it to you in an e-mail.


When the parcel is not picked up:

If the client does not pick up the package shop is charged with the costs for next shipment and other additional costs borne by the Distributor (picking up the package and shipping it once again).



Exchange of the order - Distributor will exchange the products and bear the costs of exchange only in case of manufacturing defect that did not occur as a result of use of the product. For all other exchanges the e-store bears costs and are done on e-store’s demand by the Distributor. It is e-stores responsibility that the client returns the products within 14 days and deals with that matter in accordance with its own policies and regulations.


Return of products- Product cannot be returned unless it bears manufacturing defects which did not occur due to use of the product. Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and on the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product from 2 March 2000 does not apply because the Distributor is sending the product on e-store’s demand and not on Client’s demand.


Update of the offer:

E-store is required to monitor the stock status of Distributor and constantly updating it by XML file (we update it daily). Distributor will take utmost care to update the offer presented on the website, but bear in mind that there is still a possibility that there might be a situation that does not have a product that client ordered on your website.


Conditions of cooperation:


Drop shipping cooperation is for online e-stores. Reseller can of course sell the products through Allegro,, etc.