Cooperate with EROPLACE 2.0:

If you are a shop owner


We offer the best cooperation conditions for erotic store owners. Wide range of products, express delivery, fast payment process, discounts for every client, professional help.


Cooperation with EroPlace can be based both on traditional shopping method and dropshipping method (shipping of goods directly to final client on behalf of the e-store). We offer a double discount system. More about drop shipping you can read on our blog. We provide products fro retailers in Poland and Europe.


If you a producer/ distributor

We are open to B2B cooperation  with all producers and distributors of erotic accessories including films, gadgets, cosmetics and dietary supplements. You just need to send us your detailed offer with prices and preferential special conditions in terms of wholesale cooperation. We are open to a both sided cooperation as well. Caution: We only sell products registered in Poland (KSIoK, CPNP, GIS).


We have a big integrated base of clients that will automatically introduce your products. Producers can reach through our platform tens of e-stores, retail shops in whole Poland and Europe!


Most important cooperation conditions:


  • First and most basic condition is registration on our website. Registration is free of charge and takes only 15 seconds, with no strings attached.
  • We also require you to send us registration information of your business. During 24 hours the administrator will activate your account, which will give you access to prices and other information.
  • Commencement of cooperation does not impose any requirement you have to meet, you decide when and how big of an order you want to place.
  • No minimal value of order – we complete orders that consist even of only 1 product (for online stores and internet retailers). Standard limit is 250 PLN net but we can change it individually.
  • We present new erotic gadgets every week. Deliveries and replenish stocking of warehouse is daily.  Newest products can be viewed in “New”.
  • We provide products for retail sex shops, erotic salons and boutiques, internet stores and retailers who work through allegro.
  • We provide photographs and videos and all marketing materials of products bought for internet and retail sale to decorate the shops.
  • We give different discounts giving clients the chance to buy the products at the lowest price possible.
  • Orders should be placed online by adding products to the cart and then choosing the firm of shipment and payment and giving the delivery address. We accept the orders 24 hours per day through
  • Orders ale completed within 1 days.
  • We complete orders on the territory of Republic of Poland and Euopean Union.
If you have an idea for a different model of cooperation - we are open to talks. Please contact us

Commission cooperation

Do you have an interesting erotic website or blog? Would you like to earn a commission from selling our products? We offer high commissions between 20-50 %. 


Would you like to become a tester of our products?

If you have a lot of spare time and would like to spice up your erotic life- we have a great proposition for you. You can become our tester.


What are our expectations?

·         A full review of products (minimum of 3000 signs)

·         The review has to consist of a description and grade of packaging, design, use and impressions while using.

·         We expect also a short video presenting the product. You do not have to show your face, we just need the product.

·         Permission to use materials you give us


What do we offer?

We give you the product for free and if we decide to prolong the cooperation you may get tens of such products –all free of charge.


If you have other interesting cooperation idea:


If you have an original idea for cooperation please contact us. We are a tram of young people who are open to all kinds of development possibilities.

We work only with sex shops, e-stores, internet retailers, nets of erotic stores

We do not offer retail


If you have other idea for cooperation we are open to discuss it. Please contact us.