What is WebAPI and how does it work

WebAPI provides faster wholesale shopping process by the both sided communication between wholesale and e-store. It means that you can set the purchases between wholesale and e-store to be automatic. All new orders made in your e-store will be visible in wholesale system and it will allow for fast order completion in the warehouse and shipment even on the same day. It all is done automatically, programmers just take care of the details.


EroPlace receives following data from the e-store:

·         List of ordered products

·         Delivery address

·         Form of delivery

·         All notes added to orders

·         All orders statuses (completion, packing, shipping)

And other parameters needed to complete the order or manage payment issues


For whom is WebAPI?

It is dedicated for most e-stores and e-stores software developers. If the given e-store platform operates WebAPI everyone who will choose their e-store software on the given platform will have the possibility to use WebAPI. Shoplo and Redcart are currently implementing the WebAPI as well as such external platforms like iStore, Shoper and PrestShop.

What is more, access to files is free of charge, so these wholesales do not charge additional costs for using this solution. And let’s not forget that thanks to WebAPI you can create a program that meets your individual needs.