FAQ: clients’ questions

Do I have to run a business to place orders?

Yes, you should have a business to place orders (Business, partnership or a company). We issue invoices with 23% VAT for polish entrepreneurs and 0% VAT for clients from European Union (you need to have EU VAT).


If I have a non-erotic shop (clothes, jewelry, cosmetics etc) can I order?

Definitely yes, you can order in our wholesale. By doing so you will expand your sale with new products like intimate cosmetics, dietary supplements and erotic gadgets. By selling erotic products you will most definitely widen your customers’ range and increase the revenue.


Do I need to have an e-store?

For wholesale purchase you do not need an e-store. A standard retail or wholesale shop is sufficient as well as if you are a distributor or a reseller.


Can I sell on allegro and other websites?

Yes, you are responsible for your ways of distribution of our products. You can use auction portals like allegro, ebay as well as e-stores an standard retail shops.


Do I have to sign a cooperation agreement with you?

We do not require a cooperation agreement. For each order you either prepay or pay on delivery. In case of XML file integrated clients (online) invoices are payable within 3 days. Remember that with each order you accept our conditions of purchase. International clients have to pay for each order  upfront- regardless of it being a drop shipping r traditional purchase.


Do you offer drop shipping (do you send products to my clients)?

Yes, we are the only erotic wholesale that operates this way. We have a wide range of different xml, csv and iof files, including ceneo format, thanks to which you can implement our products to your e-store. Then, after a client makes a purchase in your e-store, you place the order in our wholesale and then we send the order directly to your client. Such service is free of charge.


Do I need to register on Eroplace website?

Yes, the registration is required. But it does not impose any other requirements. You place orders when you need them. Registration and cooperation is free of charge. Registration takes only 30 seconds and the profits you gain might be incomparably big.


Do you have an XML file with your offer?


Our wholesale has XML files, these are files prepared in our  own or ceneo format. You can download them from your client account by clicking on XML bookmark. Details regarding files can be discussed with Radosław Ociepka - radoslaw.ociepka@EroPlace.pl.


What markup can I put on the products?

You are free to set your own markup so that your business has a profit from every product sold. Some of the products may have a suggested price in their description. Then you are obliged not to sell the product below the suggested price.


Can I sell these products legally in Poland?

We guarantee that all products that we offer are entered into to European CPNP register that is binding for every importer from 10 July 2013. We have a certificate which can be used during a inspection.


What is the shipping price?

Shipping prices are described here Shipment prices/ transport.


Can I order one piece of a product?

Yes, our wholesale allows for such orders. It means that you can buy the exact number of product you need, and there is no need to buy a whole batch or a set number of products.


Do you have any order value limits?

For e-stores we have no limits. You an place an order from 1 PLN. For traditional retailer shops the limit is merely 250 PLN.


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